Overall wellbeing is a collective outcome that is empowered by a healthy mind, body and spirit.

The natural equilibrium between these, creates a synergy that enables holistic wellbeing. When either of these are distorted, we crave to restore the natural balance and quite often, we end up utilizing a singular approach. This, is usually not enough.

Achieving the state of harmony, requires a holistic approach that focuses on all the aspects of wellbeing- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. At inAura, we are all dedicated towards helping people touch base with their innate selves, actualize their potential and embrace the light within.

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For the Mind

Happiness, inner-strength and the feeling of innate well-being are all a result of an empowered mind. Keep it healthy!

For the Body

A healthy body creates a strong foundation for achieving and maintaining the right balance in life. Keep it fit!

For the Spirit

We store within ourselves, massive potential that lies dormant – a strong spirit is the key to unleashing it. Keep it enlightened!

Cancer - Cure & Care

“To Cancer, with love” workshops offer participants an upbeat, empowering and educational experience on healing and preventing cancer using proven, science-supported methods including, but not limited to, the powerful use of maximized nutrition and a way to spiritual connection.

inAura is a haven

A safe space for everyone to discover deep contentment, inner peace and tranquility. This space is actualized with a team of learned mentors who hail with rich experience acquired from all walks of life.


Have you considered the fact that maybe the root cause of your physical illness, might not be physical?

Traditional medicine works like a make-shift band-aid fix, focusing on only the external factors. Our idea is to transition above the paradigm of physical health and take a holistic approach by providing wholeness, wellness and balance, that translates to better healing as well as better living.

Our knowledge base is a cumulative of holistic healing techniques from around the world. By understanding and assessing unique individual needs, we aim to pave way for healthier and more purposeful living.

Founder – inAura


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