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inAura offers a place of welcome for all who would like to learn about, develop and sustain a life- long mindfulness/meditation practice.

Through Sat-Sun Practice Sessions, inAura aims to create a supportive environment and community that helps sustain the practice of mindfulness for all those who would like to live a more mindful life.

Whether you are new to mindfulness and meditation or you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner, inAura welcomes you into its community.

 At inAura, we believe that mindfulness and meditation isn’t something that you dip in and out of; rather, it is ‘a way of being’.

It is our hope that mindfulness practice does not end at the end of a course; instead, it ripples out into the way that we move through and connects with our world.

In order to help you live a mindful life, and to help sustain the practice of mindfulness, we invite you to attend Atmasadhna our Sat-Sun Practice Sessions as part of weaving mindfulness into your life.

 These will be live sessions on zoom.

 Atmasadhna will have participants on a membership basis. You can choose to become a member on


Monthly basis @ rs 2100

Quarterly basis@ rs  5511

Half-yearly basis@ rs 9000

And yearly basis@ 15510

 For registering you will have to make the payment and fill up the form shared. Once we receive your form we will make you join the telegram group from where we will operate the sessions.

Please follow the link:


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