The Power Of Breath

Learning to breathe well is one of the most powerful ways to revitalize your body, mind, and emotions. The benefits of breathing exercises are far-reaching. By maximizing your intake of oxygen and ridding your body of waste products, they boost every body system, helping you to feel and look both more vibrant and more relaxed, and to maintain a calm mind at times of tension. But the breathing techniques/meditations in these 30 days offer more than this – they give you the tools and insight you need to access your life-force.

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Yoga philosophy teaches that your breath is the physical manifestation of the vital energy that gives you the ability to live and breathe, move about and function in the world. It is this life-force that allows you to think, digest food, hear sounds, laugh, sneeze and carry out the numerous activities you engage in at any moment, both consciously and unconsciously. This vital energy, which animates every being, is described in many Eastern philosophies, and in India is known as prana. Though not material in nature, prana flows through every part of your body, interpenetrating each cell like water filling a sponge. The exercises in this workshop help you to make more efficient use of your prana, which has five functions, each one described as a different type of energy. Each main topic is dedicated to one of these five forms of prana, and offers exercises to enhance, expand and express this. When all five energies are vibrant and balanced, health and vitality follow.

The exercises in this workshop will enhance your vigour and wellbeing, but for maximum benefit, try to back them up with a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, exercising most days and giving up negative indulgences, such as smoking. You will be offered breathing tips to make your work and home life healthier. One of the best is simply to watch your breath through the day and take a few deep breaths, especially when you feel tense. Notice the effects on your mind, mood and body.

Topics covered would be:

1) Exploring your breath
2) Visualizing your breath
3) Your Nourishing breath
4) Your Expansive Breath
5) Your Cleansing breath
6) Your expressive breath
7) Reaching the balance in health, well-being, and performance through breathing techniques.

There will be breathing meditation every day between 6 am-7 am.
Theory and discussions will be on zoom every day between 6.30 pm-8.30 pm.

Date: 31stOct 2020 to 30thNov 2020 (excluding Sat-Sun and festivals)
Participation Value: ₹ 4100
Register before: 28th Oct 2020


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