Becoming Whole Again

inAura is back with its most successful workshop….Becoming whole Again….A 10 days transformational workshop.

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At some point in our lives, we find ourselves overcome with the desire to become better people – to grow, expand, and evolve. This innate desire for personal expansion can lead us down many paths as we develop within our lives. We understand that we want to be “better”, we know that we want more peace and happiness in our relationships, we realize that we want to release patterns of behavior that don’t serve us anymore – but we don’t know how to get there.

We are all a combination of divine and human qualities. We all struggle with our flaws and triggers – in different ways, to different degrees. Becoming conscious of them allows us to reclaim our power and rewrite them to choose a new path forward for ourselves. This is the first step to Becoming Whole.

Becoming Whole is a lifelong project, and hence, a step-by-step effort on each aspect of our inner world yields much better results. Each day focuses on one aspect of our inner being that needs to be brought into wholeness. It helps to shine light on our triggers and patterns – based on our ego, projections, and past hurt – and the underlying beliefs and thoughts that need to be healed to bring about deep inner transformation.

The ultimate goal for our souls is to find more peace and happiness in our lives, to move from self-sabotage to self-mastery and to merge with Consciousness. This book can help you, step by step to learn the art of becoming whole again – to grow, evolve, expand, heal, and return to your original pure, divine nature.

Becoming Whole again starts on the 19th of August. The 2-hour sessions starting at 6.30 pm are going to be live on zoom. At 10 pm for all days we would be conducting healing sessions.

The last date of registration is the 17th of August.

Inviting each one of you to

Keep un-layering.
Keep unraveling.
Keep inquiring.
Keep digging.
Keep questioning.
Keep seeking. And then, practice accepting what you find.


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