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Anjana is the founder of inAura. The drive of helping others achieve harmony, came to her after she battled her way through and healed herself of blood cancer.

At inAura, she’s a wellness coach, a teacher, a mentor and a communications expert, who firmly believes that the human consciousness can be expanded. However, she stays passionately dedicated towards helping people tap into their dormant powers, liberating them of limitations and making way for miracles.



Richa embarked on her journey of self-realization, when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She firmly believes that it was nature’s intervention to set her on her true path.

At inAura, she contributes as a mentor, guide, teacher and wellness coach, who is devoted towards helping people realize their innate power of healing. She strongly believes that ‘suffering’ is not the way of life. While she has a precision on understanding and assessing deeply rooted emotions, her insights always come as pearls of wisdom.



From a cancer caregiver to an abundance of warmth, Annu’s generosity, compassion and sincerity knows no bounds.

Annu is a warm and loving practitioner with a rich knowledge base, facilitating a very welcoming and easy-to-follow learning environment. With the spirit of a truly gifted teacher and her humble self, she shares her learnings and experiences openly and candidly to everyone who has the will to gain.

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