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“To Cancer, with love” workshops offer participants an upbeat, empowering and educational experience on healing and preventing cancer using proven, science-supported methods including, but not limited to, the powerful use of maximized nutrition and a way to spiritual connection. Anjana and her team combine countless hours of research with their personal experience to educate and inspire those who choose to embrace natural healing as their road to healing and wholeness. Her program addresses the holistic Mind/Body/Spirit factor, found missing in nearly every traditional cancer protocol.

“Cancer is a wakeup call. It’s up to each of us to put things back in optimum order. This demands a holistic mind, body and spirit approach.”
Anjana and her team mates, who self-healed from cancer or have been the cancer caregivers, use what they call, “a complete mind, body and spirit approach to healing and prevention.” This includes the use of very powerful “emotional” and “spiritual healing,” and how Epigenetics (from the studies of Dr. Bruce Lipton) play into healing and overall wholeness.

“To Cancer, with love” workshops are available now to groups and organizations whose members would benefit from alternative healing and prevention information. These workshops are empowering, inspiring, experiential and healing on every key level. Anjana with her team is also available for short consultations or longer term coaching. She cautions that her workshops, coaching and teaching are not to be construed as a replacement for medical professionals, or their advice. Each person is advised to do what they believe will help them achieve their desired best results and health.

7 Benefit Points of the Workshop

  • Life force Energy Balance
  • The electromagnetic Field Balance
  • Root Cause of Cancer
  • The O2 Therapy
  • Sleep, Breath and Sexuality Stability
  • Body, Mind and Spirit connection
  • Hast Mudraas and Diet for cancer cure.

What Transformation They Will Achieve After Attending the Workshop?​

  • Would face and overcome their fears related to their cancer.
  • Would become aware of their inner strength and self-healing powers.
  • Would understand their beliefs - limiting and liberating.
  • Would be more comfortable and in acceptance of their present state.
  • Would be able to understand the importance of 'Breath'.
  • Would commence their transformation journey.
  • The Caretakers would also understand their role and commence their transformation.


  • 21 days of WhatsApp support. (Hand holding after the workshop)
  • Discount on next workshops.
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