What is healing?

For me- Healing means getting better, evolving through the unwanted situations around or within yourself.

Two situations I want to share with all of you and how you overcome from them.

Instances that made a boy distant from his parents.
A 13-year-old boy gets beaten up by a senior. For some it’s a normal thing being in a boys hostel, however, for that boy, it was quite an issue. He knew complaining will make him an outsider but he made a choice to tell his parents about it and asked them to not report it, not realising that a parent wouldn’t stay put in such situation. As the complaint became a piece of big news all around the campus, the life for that emotionally unstable child became harder each day. He cursed his parents for taking such a step. He swore that he would never share anything with anyone anymore. He held a grudge against his own birth givers. Quite a shame. Not long ago that boy was introduced to his self-concept. Through the course, he understood that his parents’ decision of action might have been wrong but their thought behind it was never meant to harm his identity. He admitted to the fact that a parent may never think about harming or hurting his child in whatsoever way. Throughout these days that boy healed his thinking. He asked for forgiveness. He realised he could have handled those hardships with a smile, knowing that there are two amazing human beings backing him up forever. The boy transformed his way of thinking and healed himself by letting go off all the grudges.

“Obsession and Control.”- The mainstream factor of relationships.
A relationship isn’t about two people becoming one. A relationship is about two people being who they are and adore each moment with each other.
A boy trying to interfere and indulge in a girl’s life isn’t the consent of being in a relationship. Making decisions for each other isn’t the way they both handle each other. Insecurities and fear develop when you grow up and that harms a relationship. How do you heal when you let go of your obsession and the habit of controlling with your loved one?
It’s simple. When the obsession transforms into care and the feeling of controlling each other becomes a feeling for backing each other at any high or low point of each other’s life. When you realise that there is no concept of “Do jism ek jaan” in reality. When you know that individuality is an important aspect between a couple. This heals you. Rather than driving your loved one away you attract him/her with understanding and care. You save yourself from holding onto sorrow, pain, cruelty, etc. and move onto a happy, realistic and fun-loving life.

Therefore, it is you who affect your surroundings. The day you understand this particular notion you’ll be in the process of healing.

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