My needs aren’t anyone’s responsibility

Last few months I have learnt the biggest lesson of my life….and it has been liberating and empowering at the same time.💫💫💫💫
An important step along the road to freedom is allowing other people to be completely free rather than holding onto open or secretive resentments about their behaviour. It is tempting to get angry with someone who isn’t there for you during a crisis or lets you down in some way but it isn’t the real solution to your situation.
How many times have you passed a homeless person in the street and not even thought of giving them some loose change.

When you become an “emotional beggar” you’re in a similarly difficult situation. You can ask for help but there’s just no point demanding it because the harsh truth is that nobody really owes you anything.

“The only way to free yourself from some people is to free them from you”

The solution is simply accepting that people have natural limitations when it comes to friendships, relationships, humanity and understanding. They may find it hard enough to stay positive as it is already without having to look after those who have not yet learned to look after themselves, albeit through no fault of their own.

Imagining that anyone “should”, “must” or “needs to” help you when they haven’t explicitly agreed to do so can come across as manipulative because it confuses your needs with their responsibility. It’s not worth testing anyone’s limits by pressuring them to be someone they may not even be capable of becoming.
Review your relationships in a new light.

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